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At Eastridge Animal Hospital, we know that the animals in our lives serve many important roles and we understand the bond between you and your pet. We value the unconditional love and joy they provide. We believe in providing excellent veterinary care to your pets at an affordable price. We now provide cold laser therapy for those pets suffering from arthritic pain, fractures, post surgery pain, and more. If you are wondering if laser therapy will benefit your pet, please call and speak with a member of our staff.

          Salem’s Corner

Hi Guys! It’s your favorite old lab, Salem. Sorry about the delay, but old Jer spent more time in the hospital, this time for a bad infection. I missed him for several months, but the guys at Eastridge were very nice to me. I’ve even been able to get a couple to give me extra treats. Doc is back at work, but only one day a week right now.             It’s been a bad year for ticks this year because of the mild winter. Make sure your dogs and cats are using some type of prevention. There are a lot of choices:  monthly skin application, monthly pills, 3 month pills, and 8 month collars. All of these work. With your dogs there is also a Lyme vaccine. This is a bad infection that can be prevented. Lyme is only one of several tick-transmitted diseases. If your dog gets ticks, call the hospital.             Eastridge still sees too many cases of Parvovirus in dogs. This can occur in any dog not up to date on vaccines, especially puppies. The young pit bulls are more often seen with it, so make sure to vaccinate early, starting at 6-7 weeks.             Now that I’m older I can discuss aging problems out of personal history. Once we reach 10 years old, our eyes start to slowly cloud up. Some of us lose our hearing.             If you think your dogs and cats are acting strangely due to age, talk to your doctor. Like our owners, some of us will develop senility issues.             The most dangerous problem due to age is arthritis. Look for your pet getting up slower, having problems getting up stairs and cars, and slipping on non-carpeted floors. These are the easy signs. We won’t cry due to the pain. Talk to your doctor early to help delay the onset and relieve pain.                                                                                     Once again, thank you for reading. Salem  

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We are a wildlife rehab facility. If you have an injured wildlife, please contact us at (585) 467-2120 before dropping animals off at our office.  


Vaccinations help keep your pet healthy, please consult one of our veterinarians about the right vaccines for your pet.
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Hi, I am Fozzie Turner. This is how excited I am to see Salem back!.