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Hi -It's finally your favorite lab Salem. I apologize for my delay in updating. Many of you may not realize this, but without thumbs I have to have Dr. Balonek write what I dictate.

March is now here which means heartworm, flea, and tick season is ready to start. Even though Monroe County is not the worst area of New York State for heartworm we still get cases every year. It will always be better to prevent this disease than try to treat it. It only takes the bite of one mosquito.

Ticks have become a greater problem every year. Lyme is the most well known tick related disease, but not the only one. Besides having your dog vaccinated for lyme there are yearly tests to make sure your friends are healthy.

Jer was telling me that East Ridge has moved into the social media age with a facebook and twitter account. Check every day to see what is going on, especially pictures of the exotic and wildlife animals. Receptionists Brandi and Josh are doing a great job showing everyone some of the neat things we see.

Talk to you soon---Salem

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