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At Eastridge Animal Hospital, we know that the animals in our lives serve many important roles and we understand the bond between you and your pet. We value the unconditional love and joy they provide. We believe in providing excellent veterinary care to your pets at an affordable price. We now provide cold laser therapy for those pets suffering from arthritic pain, fractures, post surgery pain, and more. If you are wondering if laser therapy will benefit your pet, please call and speak with a member of our staff.

          Salem’s Corner

Hi – It’s been awhile since I’ve updated Salem’s Corner. The last 3 ½ years, I have been bouncing from hospitals to nursing home for rehab. I’m now at Strong where I’m trying to get my foot repaired. Three years ago I suffered nerve damage to my lower right leg & eventually it turned in & over. I had surgery 4 weeks ago and I’m now in a device that hopefully will make the foot more normal. If everything works out, I’m hoping that I may be able to work part time. Even though I’m over “100 years” old, I still enjoy my job. Changes are definitely happening at East Ridge. Dr. Heidi Licata started working full time and we are working out the details of me selling the hospital to her. She’s been working in the area over 17 years. She will continue to see exotic animals and wild life. Dr. Deb Hartman started full time this month. She is also a veteran of Monroe County area. She is especially fond of cats but treats both cats and dogs. She’s been an owner of pet ducks, so she might also help with the wildlife. I think hawks and owls might be a little unnerving. Dr. Dawn Wilkes still works part time and Dr. Linda Schneider is coming back from Florida as a part timer in May. Now the important information. Make sure your pets are on flea and tick meds. The ticks get worse every year and can carry disease, so try to prevent your pets from bringing them to you. There are several different products including collars, skin applications, and oral meds to prevent and kill both ticks and fleas. Make sure your dogs are on heartworm prevention. Rochester isn’t the worst but we treat too many dogs every year. Prevention is much safer & less expensive than treatment. Spring allergies will start soon. If your dog is scratching a lot, especially ears & licking their feet but no fleas are seen, it’s probably an inhalant allergy. There are several options for therapy. Our pets are allergic to the same things that we are. So, if you’re sneezing and eyes are irritated, make sure your dog isn’t overly itchy. Also they don’t have to be near the allergy, they float in the air. We’ve been trying very hard to catch up with appointments. Please have some patience. The COVID protocol slows things up. Remember to not cluster & wear your masks, the staff is. With wildlife, this is baby season. If you find baby birds, leave them in their nests. If some fall out, try to put them back in the nest. Birds do not have a problem with you touching them to put them back. If that can’t be done we will be glad to raise them & release when they are ready. Mid May will be the start of fawns showing up. Unless you see the mother dead, leave them alone. The doe often leave the baby’s 1-2 days. They will come back & get them. If you bring one to us & have not seen a mother that was killed, we will drive it back to your house and place it where it was found. A lot of mother ducks nest in busy areas & if you find mom deceased, we can raise the babies. I warn you – they are not easy to catch. So, I’m hoping Dr. Licata finds it helpful to have a 120 year old vet at work. I hope to see you guys again. In memory of the greatest dog ever, Salem – please take good care of your pets whether they walk, fly, jump, swim or crawl. Jerry Balonek

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Please call us at (585) 467-2120, office calls are by appointment only.


We are a wildlife rehab facility. If you have an injured wildlife, please contact us at (585) 467-2120 before dropping animals off at our office.  


Vaccinations help keep your pet healthy, please consult one of our veterinarians about the right vaccines for your pet.
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